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Kannan Nagarajan, popularly known, as “ YenKay ” is a competent and astute professional, who ignite ideas that create continues success with 100% Error Free projects and 100% reference-able customers..

He is the founder of Agni Business Company, which is into the business of consultancy, training and services in the area of Information Technology, Culinary Arts, Numerology and Photography.

He has 30+ years of progressive, multi-cultural business experience in Presales, Sales, Post-sales support and operations.

Yenkay is well versed in writing, reading and speaking Hindi, English, and Tamil apart from few other Indian languages.

He loves Collaborating with customer executives and business team to qualify & quantify the business value of enterprise products and solutions. Utilizing people skills and technical

expertise to make big sales through customer intimacy.

Capable of working efficiently in number of areas requiring knowledge of pan-global, multi-cultural business settings, innovative thinking and the ability to deal with virtual teams cutting across levels within organizations.

During his career, he has trained many professionals and executives at various levels. He brings his vast experience to explain Technology in simple nonprofessional’s language.

YenKay is an enthusiastic and persistent problem solver, High Impact Power Presenter and Effective communicator. He is very good at Technology communication, Consultation, Design and Presentation.

He trains people on IT Infrastructure, Soft Skills, Business development, Account and Product Management.

He is an Implementer of enablers for growth. With lots of Face-to-Face customer experience and his ability to convince decision makers brings in continuous success. He believes in Igniting Ideas then Enabling them and Empower them till they Innovate.

My Expertise

  • ✔ IT Infrastructure
  • ✔ Soft Skills
  • ✔ Culnary Arts
  • ✔ Numerology
  • ✔ Photography






Datacenter Architecture Program

Course Description

The DAPv2.0 course provides end-to-end coverage of the mission critical infrastructure systems that support typical data centers and environments with high availability requirements.

What you Study

The course will provide comprehensive coverage of the main Data Center components, principles, standards, data center technology advancements, the Infinity Paradigm and latest trends, enabling professionals to make the most appropriate data center choices for design, build and operation.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn the data center language and buzzwords
  • Learn data center principles
  • Understand data center systems & components
  • Review data center standards and frameworks
  • Learn latest data center trends
  • Learn alternative technologies
  • Become competent to validate vendors
  • Prerequisites

  • Basic Information Technology Knowledge
  • Mission Critical Soft Skills Program

    Course Description

    This course is advanced soft skills program for professionals with varied disciplines and positions. Executives, managers, as well as engineers, technicians, designers, planners, project managers, sales, finance and students, People attend MCP to enrich their skills beyond the industry buzzwords.

    The MCP course provides end-to-end coverage of the mission critical skills that support typical executives to be a champion in their career and life. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to become a Champion

    What you Study

    The course will provide comprehensive coverage of the soft skills, tips and tricks and latest trends, enabling professionals to make the most appropriate choices and become a Champion.

    Learning Outcome

  • Ways to turn small business into big business
  • Where and how to meet new prospects
  • Effective qualification strategies
  • How to overcome objections
  • How to power close
  • How to turn rejection into success & much more
  • Prerequisites

  • None
  • Few Popular Pragrams

    • ✔ Datacenter Architecture
    • ✔ Mission Critical Soft Skills
    • ✔ Business Critical Soft Skills
    • ✔ Basics of Photography
    • ✔ Photography